We recognize that appropriate environmental and social considerations and strategic responses will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as well as customer benefits.

Sustainability policy

Climate change and resilience

We will look to minimize the impact of climate change towards investment properties that may result in:
a. Direct physical risks on investment properties; and
b. Transition risks arising from changes in regulations and in social perception and expectations.
Together with minimizing risks, we will explore potential business opportunities that climate change may bring to the investments.
We will seek to reduce energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and improve water usage efficiency, as well as to maintain business and daily life continuity by improving resilience towards natural disasters in our investment properties.

Engagement with external stakeholders

We will enhance effectiveness of environmental and social initiatives through supplier, tenants and community engagement, and create an environment of stable and positive constructive intent across the investment properties by establishing sound relationship with various stakeholder.

Engagement with employees

We will actively participate in dialogues with our employees to endeavour to secure skilled professionals and contribute to raise the skillsets of our employees.

Health, safety and well-being

We will strive to understand health, safety and well-being needs of tenants in our investment properties and our employees. We will work to provide a safe and healthy working and living environment with the ultimate goal of improving the stakeholder’s satisfaction and preference.

Compliance to statutes related to environment and society

We will comply and adhere to environmental and social statutes from the perspective of environmental protection and human rights to secure the stability and continuity of fund management and asset management business by fulfilling our responsibility to a sustainable society.


We will actively provide our environmental and social performance data and take evaluations and certifications from third parties to promote transparency and accountability towards our clients.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

IDERA Capital Management Ltd. is striving to achieve a sustainable society through its fund management and asset management business as stipulated in its Sustainable Procurement Policy. The Sustainable Procurement Policy was formulated because it is essential that we cooperate with our client contractors, external suppliers, and everyone in our supply chain in order to enhance the effectiveness of this initiative.

  1. Compliance with laws and societal norms
    1. Respect and comply with all laws and societal norms
    2. Conduct business activities in accordance with corporate ethics
    3. Avoid any involvement with anti-social forces
  2. Respect for human rights
    1. Respect basic human rights
    2. Respect the dignity and diversity of humanity and do not engage in human rights violations such as unfair discrimination, forced labor, and child labor
  3. Fair business activities
    1. Select clients in a fair manner when procuring goods, products, and services
    2. Conduct business activities based on fair and free competition
  4. Ensuring health and safety
    1. Consider health and environmental concerns when procuring goods, products, and services
    2. Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  5. Environmental Considerations
    1. Take energy saving measures when engaging in business activities
    2. Engage in business activities that reduce environmental impact
  6. Information security management
    1. Establish a system for the appropriate management and protection of information assets to prevent the use of personal information for purposes other than its original purpose, or the leakage of such information



Initiatives for environmental conservation

Coworking with tenants

Providing guidelines for ESG, such as promoting recycling, reducing waste, energy and water usage, and promoting healthy living

Waste management

In order to thoroughly separate and manage waste, we guide tenants and building managers on proper separation and storage management of waste including recycled materials.

Initiatives for comfortable life

Shared working space

Value-up case aiming at both improving asset value that leads to profits and realizing a sustainable society

Initiatives for coexistence with local communities


We regularly donate clothing, foods and other essential items to homeless shelters and orphanages.


In order to reduce CO2, we are doing rooftop greening and tree-planting.

※Various initiatives are made only at some properties, and not necessarily at all properties.